Hundreds of Species

Fall in love with the differing wood species.  Hannah carries a massive variety of different woods that you can see in person at her shop.  Each tree tells a story, especially Charleston's historic trees.  Come see her shop and learn about the valuable wood species.



Magnolia is one of my favorite wood species.  It's lightweight and comes in a vast variety of coloring from light to dark.  This is a spalted magnolia from James Island.  Spalting (caused by water damage) creates the dark black lines, a dynamic contrast.

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Oak typically has a light, creamy color to it.  It's a very heavy wood species, very dense.  White oak is great in kitchens and locations with water, as it's even used to build boats, due to it's density and ability to withstand water.  Red oak is very pretty but not so great in watery environments, as it will absorb the water.  Live Oak is gorgeous and dynamic, the iconic symbol of Charleston's lowcountry.

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Black Walnut

Black Walnut is a highly sought after wood with a gorgeous, chocolate coloring.  The exterior cuts of the tree can be more of a blonde chocolate, whilst the interior is typically dark, almost black in places.  It is one of the most expensive species and one of my favorites to work with.

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